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Frequently Asked Questions

Are home care aides bonded and insured?

Yes. Bonding the home care aides is further assurance that a client’s property is protected should something unforeseen happen to it. Home care aides are also covered by Workers Compensation Insurance, assuring that the client would not be held liable if an accident were to happen in the home.

Do you perform background checks?

Yes. We check employer references, Department of Justice fingerprinting to check for criminal backgrounds, Social Security Number checks to make sure home care aides are legal to work in the U.S., DMV record checks and TB testing.

Who is responsible for paying the home care aide?

WeCare takes care of the employer obligations of payroll tax withholdings and employer taxes, so you don’t have to.

Can the home care aides drive for errands?

If you need errands done, or transportation to doctors’ appointments, etc. we will provide you a home care aide with a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. If the home care aide’s car is used, a nominal charge is assessed to reimburse the home care aide for mileage.

How often do you bill clients?

We send out invoices every two weeks.

How are rates set?

After assessing the client’s needs, a rate is set and agreed to that reflects those needs. Unless those needs fall outside of what is considered normal care, the rate is kept to the minimum charge. Some examples of services that might affect the rate are: care for more than one person in the household, severe dementia, combativeness, difficult-to-manage hygiene or safety issues, transfers and lifting, and other situations that would call for a more highly-trained caregiver.

Do you provide ongoing training for employees?

Yes, through paycheck communiques, regular in-services, and by providing CPR and First Aid courses.

Are home care aides available around the clock?

Yes. Shifts are custom-made to each client. 24/7 live-in care and overnight shifts are available as well.

Can I change the schedule?

Yes, our services are flexible as clients’ needs change.

How often do you change home care aides?

As little as possible. Many factors are considered whenever a change is made, but if the “chemistry” is right, the client’s needs and wishes take priority.

Are there replacements if someone calls in sick?

Yes. We have home care aides for emergency situations like this.

Can I select the home care aide?

Absolutely. You have the final say about who works in your home and we go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with your home care aide. The placement process is part art and part science and even though we try to match the best home care aide to each client, occasionally it just doesn’t work out. In that case, we gladly introduce another until satisfaction is met.